LED Retrofitting

Save Energy, Reduce Costs, and Improve Workspaces

Reduce Energy Bills

Add more profit to your bottom-line every month with efficient LED upgrades. Through our strategic alliances with distributors and manufacturers, we provide the best lighting technology available while saving you money.

Save Energy

Contribute to your company’s sustainability initiatives by replacing inefficient lighting. LED solutions use less power relative to the amount of light generated, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy consumption.

Improve Workspace Comfort and Safety

The quality of lighting in a work environment can impact not only the comfort of workers, but also productivity and safety. Industrial and commercial facilities can limit this impact by using updated, quality LED lamps with reduced flickering, greater output capacity, and improved color.


Our 5-Step Turnkey Process

  Step 1   Energy Usage Evaluation

In this step, we collect data and perform several calculations on your current lighting design and then identify a more energy efficient solution.

  Step 2    Identify Rebates and Financing Opportunities

We then work with your electric utility company to identify the specific rebate(s) that would be applicable to your project. This includes submitting the initial application to closing out the final project paperwork for you to receive the applicable rebate(s). If financing the project is desired we can assist in finding low interest loans specifically designed for energy projects. In some cases, payments can be deferred until the project is complete creating a situation where the monthly savings generated create a “zero out of pocket” situation by equaling, or exceeding, the loan payment amount.

  Step 3    Calculate ROI

Projects like these only makes sense if they have a reasonable return-on-investment. So in our proposal, we provide you with this calculated information so you can make a sound business decision.

  Step 4    LED Installation

Our proposals for the installation are detailed so you can understand exactly what you are getting for your money. When working with LAMPION COMPANIES you will experience working with friendly and knowledgeable technicians who care about the quality of their work they do.

  Step 5    Follow-up

After the LED Installation we will conduct a final walk through with you to inspect all of our work, review updated lighting levels, and discuss any questions that you may have regarding your new LED lighting.

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